Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Graduate

Today shall be my graduation day and I feel a mixture of things to be honest.  I am so happy about my grade so at least when I get up to collect my award I will feel satisfied that I got the result that I wanted. It will also be lovely to spend the day with my parents and E is coming too.

A part of me still can't quite believe that Uni is completely and 100% over now.  I almost feel like I am a grown up now, even though I already have grey hairs but it is a strange feeling that a place that has been a part of our life for a lot of years is no longer. 

I have zero desire to do a masters and right now I want to forge ahead and see the world outside the confines of University.  It is a fantastic stepping stone and has taught me many things but now I feel it's time to live properly and do things to a structure that doesn't echo what term time dictates.

Still over this Summer so far have been having a really brilliant time.  My parents are back from Australia so its nice having them close by once again, and I really can't be happier than I am right now which is a really nice thing to feel. My weekends are always exciting and for the next 3 weekends I am away so that is more stuff to look forward to and last weekend was just amazing in every single way.

I started the weekend having a ride in a race car (and subsequently counted my blessings that I was still alive by the end of it) and the adrenaline rush was huge! It was like being on a fair ground ride. Also had lovely food cooked by my Mum and then we all played cards until what felt like all night.

Saturday went to a carboot and bought a beautiful Naval Uniform which fits perfectly.  I am convinced that it was made for me.  Or Admiral Montgomery...jury is still out on that one, but I love it.  It is cut so well and is really heavy so might have to wait until the weather cools a little before I wear it otherwise I don't think I will look as cool, calm and collected as I would want to look in it.  I also need to find the right shoes to go with it and maybe a hat but I am sure Ebay will have something when I have the desire to hunt it out.

Was meant to get out n Saturday night but didn't in the end as was rather zonked, as was E so we fell asleep instead.  Rock and Roll!

Sunday was epic, like really really epic. Woke up early and then I went home and was told I had to await further instructions from E.  So I did, and then I was asked to meet at a bus stop on Kingsland Road, so I get off the bus E meets me but before we head off to wherever we are going to she shoves a blindfold on me and marches me through the streets of De Beauvoir Town/Dalston.  God knows what people thought, not that I really give a shit but still that shall go down as one of the most random things I have done on a Sunday.  I like random so all is well.

After being guided around the streets we ended up in Michelle's flat! I was very surprised as I thought E initially had some sort of perverted plan in place and technically she did (if you know her its more a case of when doesn't she :P) but that aside I was amazed.  No one has ever done such a lovely thing and I know my friends were in on it too.  I still smile lots when I think about it. It was such a lovely thing to do and I felt very lucky and very special.  E also made a lovely brunch and made some very cool James Bond posters out of photographs of me.  They looked great and it was funny revisiting visually some of my hair cuts from over the last 5 years. 

I must say I am liking how I have my hair at the moment, although I sometimes miss having a bright splash of colour I think one colour is working just fine for now.

I was also given some kick arse presents: A bottle of Cote Rotie from M and her E. Lady V was very nice and got me the Ottolenghi book 'Plenty'.  I've wanted that book for ages, and that combined with that wine means that I shall have to make something that goes with it.  All for the purposes of honoring my gifts of course!

After the Brunch we all went to Lovebox and it was amazing! We saw Hercules and The Love Affair, Peaches, Hot Chip and Grace Jones! You can't really beat that for a varied line up.  The sun was shining lots too and I didn't get drunk so I did feel pleased with myself on that note. 

Ran into lots of friends, and saw some people I haven't seen in light years and enjoyed wearing a dodgy moustache. It was a good, good day.

That brings us to today.  I am still in my boxers and vest and for some reason I feel a bit nervous about getting ready.  It will be another event where Cleo shall be used and that feels strange.  I don't forget who I was but the more I think about being female and identifying as female it feels really alien to me.  As if it was another life or even another person.

Still until I change my name legally as well as gender then things like this will pop up from time to time. Still for today I will smarten up, wear my hair a little preppy (I have to wear a mortarboard after all) and I am intrigued as to where we shall all be going after the ceremony. We have the luxury of it being in The Royal Festival Hall so at least UAL has picked us a nice location, and it will be good to see the people I have studied with on both courses.

Goodbye old life...

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