Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Year Ahead

Following my last post that was rather epic, I have decided that today I would prefer to reflect (in between taking a break from throwing out old crap in my flat) on what I want to achieve and concentrate on this year.

I find everyone does it and I do it especially when close to my birthday.

So for this year I have set myself 10 goals:

1. Get website I have been working on launched and continue to make contacts and find more people to collaborate with.

2. After website I want to work on a few photographic projects that I would put on the site.

3. Cut down on smoking.  I have already started and so far so good but I also want to start making myself less dependent on nicotine, particularly when stressed or as an escape to a social situation I don't like.

4. Change Name. This will and has to happen this year.

5. Lose half a stone.  I was lucky over the festive season to have only put on 3lbs! Which I know with more exercise I shall shift easily but at the same time I also want to be lighter and have less loose bits. Still if I hit a new target weight that will take me to 10 and a half stone which will make me very safe in my BMI index as well as knowing for myself that I can be this weight.

So far I have been really proud that in in 2009 at my heaviest I was 14st and now I am 11st 3lbs, a lot of dieting and exercise has helped so I know comfortably that I can get to my new target weight.

6. Change body shape. Within all the exercise I do I now have to really take it up another notch and with that I will work on toning my body more and doing more work with weights to give more definition to the muscles I have.

7. Learn to read a map. I am really rubbish at it and I want to improve this as I find it shameful that my sense of direction is completely back to front a lot of the time. Still am improvement would be better than my current ability there.

8. Improve at squash.  I really want to improve my technique and fitness there too as I would eventually like to start competing but at this current stage I am nowhere near ready yet. I also need to concentrate more on having a game strategy and adopt a keener will to win rather than just enjoy playing as so far I am making great shots but am not making great scores.

9. I would love to learn how to make Japanese food from scratch (such as sushi, ramen, etc) as well as learn how to improve a few other cooking based things too.  My next dish to master shall be things like Vietnamese inspired dishes, as well as making great soups and improving on my baking skills too.  I want to start making more bread and pastry too.  I want to make food as good as my friend A does, as his cooking always electrifies the taste buds to a massive level.  For veggie food I want to extend my repertoire there as well. Presentation wouldn't go a-miss either. If I can be making quinelles and those extended brightly coloured splodges to all look uniform and equal that too would bring me joy.

10. Keep moving with plans and try not to worry in life.  I need to believe in myself a bit more and that will make for a happier life me thinks.

Oh and a mini goal shall be, not to die or end up in rehab just because I am turning 27.

I also want to extend my gratitude to the special people in my life too that make things much calmer and more lovely. My Mum and Dad always seem to know how to be there in the right way whenever I have needed them and for that I am very grateful. Then there is E, she always knows how to wind me up and then calm me down again! I'm joking...honestly! Her love and support as been amazing as well as her fashion tips and ability to look at the world on many levels. My delightful sibling S is always a pillar of support to me and is very good at listening to which is sometimes just the thing I need. I also adore conversing with C and now the ever-growing N (I know you listen in on what I tell your Mummy!)

I have also had wonderful support at various points of 2010 from M, A and H.  I also love my hairdresser and good friend O who has helped in my passing in a number of different ways. Other friends are HA, EW, CB, A, K, E, J, L...I could literally continue listing an alphabet if I sit here any longer but also 2010 was a fantastic year for meeting new people and feeling warmth of new friendships growing too.  'The Community' being one of them and no matter what sphere of people I have moved in I have always found people within the stratospheres that have shown me some warmth and have shared many drinks, cigarettes and laughs with them all.

I feel ready for 2011 now...

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