Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I had my appointment on Tuesday and I can safely say it went well.  Very well in fact.  Part of me now feels slightly silly for feeling so worried as the bigger appointments to face shall be when I am seen for assessment by someone at Charing Cross as well as when the day comes that I sit with a surgeon and discuss my chest surgery.

My appointment lasted 45 minutes and the person I saw was nice.  I did have to explain a few terminologies to which I wasn't sure if she genuinely didn't know or if there was some type of secret test taking place but all the same I was relieved that she listened and seemed to understand what I needed and where I was coming from.

There was one notable and rather amusing mistake on a referral letter from my GP to her though. Instead of writing that I had been living 'In Role' he stated I had been living in Rome! I now can safely remove gladiator esq fantasies from my mind and I shall be seeing my GP tomorrow to make sure that when they resubmit my referral that there is a clarity as to how and where I have been living.

Still that has been the best laugh I've had in ages. I am sure he will see the funny side of it too.

I hope.

In some situations I prefer to laugh, and like there to be a mellow approach. Especially as it was a rather bad type-o. Still at least I sounded more cosmopolitan.

Other than that I have to wait.  As I have said I will be seeing my GP tomorrow for clarification on my referral and also to discuss what shall happen next. The psychiatrist will be sending me a copy of her notes too so will be good to have that and I like to feel part of the loop, especially as with things like this it is my life and I was a little nervous about feeling that there would be bits of paper flying around about me that I was beholden to in some way. I much prefer the sense of transparency that comes with this.

She also wished me luck with my journey which I thought was pleasant and professional. So following tomorrow it will be great to discuss what is going to happen next and then the commencement of phase two shall occur once I get an appointment at CX.

Now my concentration this week shall resume to work, flat, flat hunting and Birthday.

I still feel a weirdness starting about my Birthday...or maybe it's just today I am feeling a weirdness.  I have felt a little bit stressed over the last couple of weeks for a few different things and I feel it has ballooned on me slightly.  But at the same time I know it shall pass. As will my silly flouncing desire to hide and not celebrate it and then the other flouncy side wanting to celebrate it. 

I manage to annoy myself sometimes so God knows what it's like for anyone else close to me! Still in learning how to bake in a better way and cook better I shall appease those close to me with food and be good once in a while.

Also looks like I have to move soon too which is exciting but I have a new dilemma on my hands to live in a lovely house share or to continue living alone?  I have started investigating options and I daresay will be drawing up a very large pro's and con's list as well as looking at what I can afford realistically.

Still it's going to be good when I have a clear plan of action and overall I just want clarity.  Uncertainty is something that makes me a bit funny and when thinking of the bigger picture, pastures new will be nice.

Change is is living with less clutter.

On that note, I'm off to the bins to throw away what I have bagged and boxed for the bin...

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