Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The last couple of weeks have been non stop...

In short, I have had a birthday, ended up on camera twice, went to Athens and tonight I will be seeing E as it is our 1st year anniversary.

I didn't think when I started 2010 that I would fall in love, but I'm glad it happened.

It has also highlighted that time really flies! Things can change so suddenly in a year.  Not just the usual who we are? What we want? But recently I have started to question how I feel about a number of things and what is the best way to live life. There are things that I know work for me and then there are things that really don't.  Couple that with something changing on the inside and outside and there is a tension emerging. But its workable an I refuse to implode but I need to prepare for a few things.

There is a near broody feeling that is starting in terms of what I desire but at the same time I know it will happen when it's ready to.  But I do have to gag the forward planning side of me sometimes, even though this is what gives me an element of security. I do have questions right now that I know I have to wait for answers on.

I am also waiting for a letter from Charing Cross.  The psychiatrist I saw was very quick in sending a letter back to me as well as my GP and I know he would have processed it quickly as he said he would and also he has been very quick at sorting things out so now a little patience is required.

But I am not feeling stressed by it as right now there are a gazillion other things happening in my head as well as life right now. It's actually nice not to have the time to sit and ponder too much.  I know I have a tendency to overthink things if I'm not careful as well as then talk myself out of situations.

Following a couple of interesting conversations I have had with friends recently I have a few things to consider, but the main thing with everything in my mind right now is to wait and see what happens.

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