Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Name Change

It's going to happen, like really going to happen. 

I just need the right forms, right paper, right signatures and hey presto it's done!  Oh and some witnesses would be great as well.  So far I think I will most likely ask my Mother and E to be witnesses, but will double check that it is someone who isn't a relative.

I feel really strange all of a sudden but in a good way.  I will no longer be Cleo anymore. Within three months I can start to do things like have new bank cards, new name on all my utility bills, bank statements, correspondence.

I have already started having things delivered in the name of Mr Leng Montgomery and I love how it looks on a packing label.

Seeing it, just feels right and gives me a fuzzy, warm feeling in my stomach. Rather than my legal name which makes me feel that it is a stranger being referred to.

Still one step at a time, need to do the name, get stuff signed, then start doing the changeover. This to me feels like phase two beginning and with that there is new energy surfacing. 

I am considering planning something to mark this, but haven't decided what as of yet.

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