Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I sometimes write stories too...

I sometimes like to write random things.  Here is an example of what 30 minutes and aching joints can do to a person.

Monty and The Wolf

“Offer me this” said the wolf to the young boy. With that he pointed at the boys chest. “I want to free you and find your soul.” With that, the boy lay flat on the table the wolf was sat at and allowed the wolf to rip his chest apart with his claws and expose him. 

Folds of skin and the boy’s breasts rolled away, like falling oranges. The heart pulsated strongly, pumping blood through his body, the muscles around it housing it beating faster and faster.

The boy’s head began to float as well as his adrenaline surge.  He knew that if his heart would leave, his mind would follow with it, leaving the shed skin of his previous body behind.

He was ready to leave and be consumed by the wolf.  Powerless to resist his instructions, the boy obeyed.  He knew this was how he would move towards his second life.

Laying himself out like a sacrifice, he knew the wolf would cleanse him from his previous life.  He wanted to be free, and would do anything the wolf suggested if it meant he didn’t have to go back to living as a ‘she’.

No more binders, no more having to be a ‘tick-box’ female.  For now he was a boy.  This is what his heart was telling him and this was all anyone could see. 

There were no breasts to explain, nor an enlarged clitoris to feel repulsed or intrigued by.  Nor was there anything else that was visible or needed to be explained. It was the heart, ribs, and torso on display. For the wolf, and to the world. The skin around the boy’s legs was neatly severed yet unable to be clearly seen as it was almost candy striped with his blood.

The boy was no longer living a lie, but waiting to be reincarnated into the body of the wolf.  Who proceeded to sniff him, taking in all of the aromatic essence of the boy and in one quick movement he ate the boy’s heart out of his chest. 

Instantly the wolf began to choke – the heart of the boy wasn’t as flaccid as he had originally expected. The heart still pulsing, it started choking the wolf, making it impossible for him to breathe.

The boy knew he was winning and knew he couldn’t be consumed by the wolf, even though he had sacrificed his body to him. The wolf was a facilitator to something the boy needed and that was the next step. He craved the brutal severance from his past life.

The boy’s heart was eventually swallowed by the wolf, but whilst traveling into the body of the wolf it found it’s way to the heart of the wolf and consumed it. Within that the boy's heart became active and the wolf’s heart was inactive, acting only as a filter to the life cells that hadn’t been activated by the boy.

The boy remained in the body of the wolf for 2 years, allowing his heart to colonise before knowing it was time to take leave. His heart was also taking over the entire chest of the wolf and the strain on his ribcage was immense.  Yet this didn’t seem to phase the boy, for he knew that the wolf had done this to others and would normally consume hearts and essences of young boys for his own pleasure.

This time the boy wanted to use the wolf as a shell before he re-emerged and with that he did.  Forcing the wolf to give birth to him made the wolf suffer – especially as his body wasn’t designed to give birth.  It wasn’t the wolf’s choice to birth the man that was now coming out of him.

He had new skin, bright shiny eyes and a lean muscular torso. He had killed his previous self, and then used the wolf as a chrysalis to help him come out. His heart had now healed and he didn’t have to lie anymore to anyone about who he was, or question who he was.

He could now feel he was born the way he wanted but with his own soul that wasn't being eaten by someone else. 

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