Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Time of The Month

Today has been the start of many things, new job, I've lost more weight, I'm now a tax payer once again oh and my period.

I sometimes find it strange now to have them.  I find it funny whenever I have to buy tampons as sometimes I get looks from shop keepers that suggest I am a nice chap for buying tampons for my girlfriend...little do they know they are for me.  I even find it strange to sometimes talk about periods, even though I have been having them for the past 13 years.

I can't say I like them or have ever liked them but the main thing I don't like about them so much isn't the cramps but I don't like having tenderness on my breasts as let me tell you something when you bind it really hurts. It feels almost masochistic to have them strapped to me but at the same time I can't leave the house without a binder on I really can't.

It's exactly like the types of women who refuse to leave the house without make-up and that is how I feel about my binder. I know there are health implications attached to binding long term but at the same time I don't like not wearing it. It feels wrong and also I do want to remove my breasts, the sooner the better.

I made one step in changing my name a little, I have now changed my email over and everything at work  other than bank details are in my new name rather than old name.  I will have to get the ball moving soon on getting rid of my legal name. It feels weird when I see it as I sometimes have moments where I have found myself thinking "who is that" usually followed by "duh".

I don't feel a sense of anything towards it other than it being the name I use for administration purposes. I am starting to feel more and more ready to advance in terms of name changes and all the legal things. I also can't wait until I start making plans for surgery.  I definitely plan to be breast free by the time I am 30. I also plan to have taken over the world and found a way to exterminate mosquitoes too but I think the chest is a more realistic goal to make.

I like targets and things to look forward to as these are things that provide structure.  I have discovered that feeling I am in limbo or just floating along doesn't sit too well with me.  I like to know where I am at and what I am doing and what is expected of me and then it seems I thrive. I also love the satisfaction of crossing off tasks on a To-Do List and the sense of achievement that brings. I also like starting the day early in the gym as that helps me focus on my day ahead.

Still all work and no play makes for a dull boy but its good in terms of saving on money.  I have continued to have foreign adventures.  Following Corsica, E and I did the crazy thing and had a week in London, followed by a weekend in Switzerland.  Over the Bank Holiday we stayed in London too and she took me to the most amazing restaurant is called Asia de Cuba and firstly I have to say that I was spoiled rotten in there and the place was amazing like really, really stunningly amazing. The food though is well worth sampling but I must warn you of one thing, this place ruins you for life.  No where else seems to do fusion cuisine with the finesse these people have.

Needless to say my taste buds were seduced and scandalised within a couple of mouthfuls.

The food portions were humongous, I defy anyone to leave there hungry and it was a wonderful evening.  Although E was suffering quite a bit with a bit of an injury to the coccyx (and no I didn't cause it before any of you raise an eyebrow) she seemed to have a lovely time too.

Still I shall be writing a separate review of that on Qype so there will be more to report on that next time I blog.

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