Monday, 28 November 2011

Miss Leng Leng

My last post was very praising and rather gushing about my Doctors surgery. For the most part I like them, but this last week has tested my humor and red-tape boundaries somewhat.

I discovered on going there last Wednesday to collect my prescription that I am no longer Mr Leng Montgomery but Miss Leng Leng!

After laughing to myself at the sheer comedy of the name. As well as thinking to myself that one should never allow the NHS to assist in the naming of transgendered patients as these are the sort of comedy names that might occur.

The name of Miss Leng Leng sounds so funny you couldn't have written it so seamlessly into a comedy sketch. Right now I should start writing about the adventures of Miss Leng Leng based on the surgery cock-ups alone...

"Instead of Living in role, Miss Leng Leng lived in Rome for a year, twizzling her hair, putting on eyeliner and drinking so much Prosecco that ping-pong balls would be fired close to the Vatican, giving the Pope a black eye just in time for World Aids Day.

All of this was needed, especially as within this time frame she needed firm and conclusive evidence for the gender clinic in London that living as Miss Leng Leng was in fact the right choice and something she was sure about"

This would be one snippet based on thoughts I just randomly pulled out of the jumble and rabble of my mind.

As I write this I have serious cabin fever creeping in.  I have spent almost all weekend in my room and in the house as I haven't been at my most energized or in the best of health. Still had my third shot of testosterone on Saturday and am letting that settle and today had a few things that were planned and intended to do but for whatever reasons they didn't materialize and now I feel rubbish about it.

I wish I could make hide nor hair as to why I feel so gutted but I do.  I am sure it will pass.  I think since I had my shot I have become a bit sensitive, coupled with the fact that I haven't done half of what I would usually do at a weekend or what was planned and have been in the house or the area for the past 3 days.

Still next weekend will be different.  I will make sure I see people I haven't seen in a while and do the things I really want to, rather than feeling disappointed.

That is something I hate about being ill when you literally have no energy or just need to be resting it gets really boring. I find doing the same things painfully dull too - so within that context there is only so much watching a film or TV show via a laptop before you start losing the will to live.

(Perhaps I speak for myself on that one as I am not the biggest telly watcher on the planet)

Not all weekends will be like this. I also need to spend this week getting a load of things into order.  Especially with Xmas coming, last minute shopping needs to be done and I will need to put a few other things into action. Especially now that there are other people being put into the mix.

Also new goals, targets and pressures are about to start. It's soon going to be sink-or-swim time which I am prepared for, yet dreading in some places.

Still will cross that bridge when I come to it. 

If in doubt Miss Leng Leng will save the day.

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