Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter is here

As the title suggests I feel I have now accepted that autumn is gone and now we have winter upon us.  That is the thing with Autumn, I feel it's the quietest of all the seasons.  You feel the long, harsh weather of winter, you look forward to spring, then you prepare for a long summer and then autumn quietly pops by and hey presto we are in winter.

The only time I know it's autumn is when I see recipes for beetroot appearing everywhere as well as pumpkin. Other than that for those who are seasonal with their diets, get ready for lots of ummm parsnips with everything.  Ok maybe I am over exaggerating slightly but my excuse today is Man Flu related.

It isn't actual flu but a sore throat. Which I have had since Wednesday.  I also went from feeling achey to now feeling very bunged up and am convinced that my left nostril has been super glued together.  The only thing I am enjoying about this is that I have a super deep voice as I just realised when I spoke on the phone earlier on. Now if I could have this voice all the time I would be a very happy man. Still, we can't have it all.

I am getting more and more bored about this cold and just want it to go now as it's been almost a week. 

On having this realisation that it is winter I have also realised that this year has zoomed by incredibly fast as well as creating distance from a number of things too.

2010 on the whole has been a wonderful year.  I met someone and fell in love, after literally treading on their foot(!) I graduated with a 2:1, started up a business with my parents and met many lovely people along the way on a personal and professional basis. I have also transitioned further and a few things that were freaking me out a bit just don't.

I really like how a lot of things feel in my life right now and I intend on keeping it that way. Post Uni life though has been interesting.  It's almost like having a protective bubble removed and then here appears the world once again.

It also made me feel really out of sorts.  I still feel like I am finding my feet but I feel there is a clearer way.  There are certain things as well that I don't think I ever will shift.  In a work capacity I think there will always be a feeling that we need 100 billion things right now, but at the same time I also remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day either.  Doesn't mean one loses sight of that ambition but to just be a little more realistic. Still we learn these things, as time goes on. 

As we get closer to Christmas I have started thinking once again as to what goals I shall set myself for the next year. Even if I have my moments of feeling unsure I know I still have to plough on. Just finding the energy and ways to do so properly.  It will happen I just don't know how I will do so quite yet. 

I need to assess a few things as well as improve on a load of things too.  But it's a nice adventure waiting to happen. Well that is what the positive thinking side of me is saying, anything else in me is just urging me to wait and see.

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