Thursday, 9 February 2012


My ongoing to and fro with the health authority is starting to get a bit tense right now.  It seems with one hand I am given something and then slapped with the other.

It appears that they have apparently changed my name back to that of Leng Montgomery.  This is good news.  In doing that they took me off the books at my lovely GP.  The thing is I was in process of moving GP, but on following his advice he said to wait until they changed my name to the correct one, gave me a new NHS number that reflects my trans identity and that he had the time to resend my referral for a surgeon before I moved to a new GP given that with him was where he started all my transition things with the health service.

The authority has thought otherwise.

Firstly they change my name to 'Miss Leng Leng' which never existed in the first place, and I had given the practice (on two occasions) copies of documentation that were evidence of what my previous name was and what it is now.  This was all when I was living in the correct catchment area and when I was still at my previous address.

To suddenly change my name some 6 months later to a name that never existed is beyond me. It also screwed up some of my prescriptions along the way and due to the name being incorrect it made having a few referrals difficult as well.

Removing me from my surgery whilst trying to get a surgeon referral I kind of get why due to where I live. 

The thing in this that I am sure some people will disagree with me on, but I would have liked to have been consulted.

When they chose to give me a rather embarrassing and false name (even though there was no cause to do so) there was no discussion.

Same with just removing me from my GP practice, there was no discussion.

As a tax payer there is a side of me that feels irritated that I pay into a service that doesn't seem to provide that very thing.  On a global scale, it is good that we have a health service, but on a another scale I would prefer it if they actually did provide a better service - especially where medication and identity is concerned.

I have since registered with a new surgery, so hopefully my new doctor details will come ASAP so that the gender clinic can sort out referral there. I'm also hoping that the doctors there are friendlier than the dragon that works the reception desk as I found her unhelpful, and quite rude. This is the surgery E is registered at and apparently her doctor is a nice one.

Still I am in the process of complaining officially about the health authority calling me 'Miss Leng Leng' so perhaps I should add that rude receptionist to it as well.

To address me or get anything she propelled herself around on her office chair on wheels and was reluctant to want to be vaguely helpful. 

I literally asked if Doctor West was taking patients and she was very snappy and grumpy in telling me that I don't get to choose my own doctor and that one is assigned to me. I remained cordial and polite and asked if I could register with the practice. 

To which she was very quick to point out that I needed proof of identity and address, so I did have both things to hand which seemed to p*ss her off no end as my interpretation was that she didn't get to do anything that would make me go away.  In fact being a new patient meant that she might have to move from that chair that she had grown roots to and do a bit of work.

People like that infuriate me. If you don't like people then don't have a service based job where people may have queries and might need to ask you questions. If she is as rude and unhelpful as she was the other day then I am definitely making a complaint.

I'm not expecting her to be my best friend, but I can't stand people in positions like that continually giving off attitude.

I have a health check tomorrow so that should be good.

In the meantime a bit more waiting to be had until I find out who my GP is so I can inform Charing Cross and them my referral for a surgeon can move forward.

I did have my T shot yesterday, which went well and am no longer in any discomfort.  But my friend who did my shot was lovely and made me a really nice breakfast so I had plenty to smile about.

Today I have a dental appointment which should be a lot better as they have the right name for me there and so far have been lovely.

All of this stuff will be ok, I just have to grit my teeth a bit and just get on with it. 

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